In 2009, I had a dream of this website to be one stop for all information you need before and after visiting Tanzania. To share Tanzanian culture, our many languages from different tribes, beautiful natural landscape, lakes, rivers, mountains, life style, our music, our colorful outfits and traditional weddings, our sayings and proverbs, our flavorful recipes, our hotels and souvenir shops, memorable holiday getaways and many more. Also to sale Tanzanian spices, and non perishable goods online imported from Tanzania, so that you will never miss them when you travel back abroad.

Due to some changes in life, I decided to post recipes and later recipe videos via YouTube channel Taste of Tanzania

In 2012 one dream was accomplished; I started a spice brand of USA “Taste of Tanzania”. In December 2013, another accomplishment was celebrated; I published a cookbook Taste of Tanzania: Modern Swahili Recipes For The West. A new edition will be out in 2018.

I have accomplished to share Tanzanian recipes and spices, and still continuing on my new personal blog

I am now happy to share with you the beauty of my birth Country Tanzania. Here at Taste of Tanzania, we’ve got info!

Karibu and Mingi Love

Miriam R. Malaquias
Owner and Founder