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East African Pilau Masala is for everyday cooking

East African pilau masala helps you to cook your rice like a pro, but little is known that pilau masala is not only for pilau rice. You can use your pilau masala for: Biriani: Add paprika, turmeric, coriander and etc. Stews: Taste very nice with chicken, lamb or goat meat. Vegetables: I prefer to add…

Vegetarian Pilau

For unknown reasons I kept saying broccoli instead of cauliflower. I always use broccoli in this recipe, for the first time I decided to use cauliflower and I really got myself confused. Hope you will not take that very serious. I could edit it but I did not want too.

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Vegetarian Pilau

Vegetarian Pilau

Eid 2013 Tanzanian Recipes

Taste of Tanzania would like to share with you the best recipes for Eid and other Holidays in Tanzania. Yes we can not celebrate without Pilau, Kachumbari, chapati ETC. Make pilau this weekend for your Eid. The Holiday Pilau was shot during Christmas, so I am sorry for the Christmas music. I will have that…

Christmas Pilau (in video)

I did post this recipe for the first time in December 24 2009 in English and January 22 2010 in Swahili. A few people had hard time with it. I have decided to make a video so that those few people can see how easy it is to prepare this dish. I have changed the…

Pilau La Noeli

Wakati wa Noeli umeisha, lakini kwa sababu wachache wamependelea nitafsiri mapishi yawe kwa Kiswahili. Nimeona ni vizuri nianze na pishi hili maan ni tamu sana. Na pia unaweza kuliandaa wakati wowote wa sherehe yoyote ile. Sasa, kurahisisha mambo, weka makini haya katika viungo

Plain Pilau

Pilau originates from India. Swahili pilau taste and look very different from the Indian pilau. Tanzanian pilau use more spices than Indian pilau. It has become a favorite Tanzanian rice dish.