Glad to be back

I am very happy to be back here after a long leave of 5 months. I was in Tanzania and Kenya for almost six month taking care of family issues. While I was there, I met a few friends. Though I was very busy with family, I have to say that I miss Tanzania, my lovely family and the food.

Almost every day when I was in Dar Es Salaam city center, I would run to my auntie’s house in Ilala to have Ugali and fried fish. My auntie and my mom made sure they had fish in stock all the time ready waiting for me. I would like to rewind those moments any time.

I miss my sister Belinda’s boiled egg sauce that she would make once in a while for brunch on weekends. Not to forget the nyama choma we had almost every week.

I would like to thank, Maria for all the good food she made in the house. Shem Komba, My bro Siza(Best brother any girl can ask for), Duddley, Ray, Erastu, Sis Belina, Mzee Juma, G Martin, R Michael, Doli and Bibi I pray that God give you good health and you continue to be strong.
Last, many thanks to my friend Sylvia, and her husband, not to forget Patrick.

Now it is time for Taste of Tanzania blog.

Glad to be back.
Mingi (Lots of) Love
Miriam Rose Kinunda

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  1. Rachel Di Re
    October 17, 2010 at 11:14 PM

    Hi Miriam,
    I’ve just stumbled across this website and am looking for some guidance, if you are happy to offer it.
    My best friend is marrying a Tanzanian man and she put me in charge of organizing the wedding menu from across the globe!
    What would you suggest for a meat, chicken, and vegetarian dish at a wedding?
    Kind Regards,
    Rachel :-)

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