East African Pilau Masala is for everyday cooking

East African Pilau Masala

East African Pilau Masala

East African pilau masala helps you to cook your rice like a pro, but little is known that pilau masala is not only for pilau rice. You can use your pilau masala for:

  1. Biriani: Add paprika, turmeric, coriander and etc.
  2. Stews: Taste very nice with chicken, lamb or goat meat.
  3. Vegetables: I prefer to add in very green vegetables.
  4. Potatoes: Not in sweet potatoes though.

Try your own recipes, then tell me or send me a photo. You can buy pilau masala by Taste of Tanzania from Taste of Tanzania Shop and only about 6 left. There is not more in stock until after a few month so get yours now or you will have to make a special order and it will not be cheap!

Mingi Love

Miriam Kinunda