Easiest way to peel tomatoes

Peeling tomato that was soaked in hot water
How do you peel your tomatoes? Are you using a Knife? Then you should read this.
I have come to realize that a few of my friends and family are peeling tomatoes using a knife. Just in case if there are many people out there who are doing the same thing; here is the easiest way to peel tomatoes.
You only need water, pot and tomatoes.


 In a big pot boil enough water for the tomatoes.

  1. Remove from heat; add tomatoes. Do not cover the pot. If the tomatoes are very ripe leave in hot water 2 minutes; if are not very ripe, 3 to 5 minutes would be enough.
  2. Use a big spoon to remove the tomatoes from hot water to a big plate.
  3. While still hot, use your hands to peel the tomato skin off the tomatoes. Do you see how easy it is?
  4. If you cannot work with very hot food, allow the tomatoes to cool down just a bit before peeling. It will still peel well if the tomatoes are very ripe.Veg_tomatoPeeledHotWater

One last thing. Do not leave the tomatoes In hot water for too long.
You can refrigerate for two days after you peel, or freeze for one month.

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  1. Rose from Venezuela
    June 15, 2012 at 1:14 AM

    My father used to say “Devil resides in small details”…It means that we have to take care of every single thing… Thank you for the tip that is a good detail to take care of… Blessings… Rose from Venezuela

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