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Fried Yellow split Peas

This is a nice past time snack. Fried yellow split peas is an Indian influence. And this is also an ingredient in chevra (Indian: sold in many stores in Tanzania). Wash 1 cup of yellow split peas   Soak in 3 cups of water for 3 hrs or over night   Then discharge the water…

Mango with Pilipili Masala

Pilipili Masala 4 ripe / almost ripe sweet mangos (For cocktail cubes, use 3-4 raw mangos; they don’t have to be very raw, but not almost ripe. 2 tbsp. hot chili powder 2 tsp. table salt 1 tsp. citric acid or 3 tbsp. lime juice In a wide bowl, mix all ingredients except mango. But…

Toasted coconut – Nazi ya kuchoma – kukaanga

I normally have this for a snack once in a while here at home. My daughter loves this she can finish the whole coconut. Two days ago I thought I should share with others, maybe someone will also like. Toasted coconut is a snack that is not very known in many Tanzanian households, but a…


Maandazi (East African donuts) are a special treat. The taste of maandazi is very different from western donuts. First, one can never get tired of eating maandazi. Second, they are more like bread inside. Third, maandazi are not as oily as western donuts.