East African Pilau Masala is for everyday cooking

East African pilau masala helps you to cook your rice like a pro, but little is known that pilau masala is not only for pilau rice. You can use your pilau masala for: Biriani: Add paprika, turmeric, coriander and etc. Stews: Taste very nice with chicken, lamb or goat meat. Vegetables: I prefer to add…

Green bananas and ox tail

I have added ox tail in this recipe to help create natural flavor instead of using bouillon. Please do not use plantain, use regular green bananas.

Simple Beef Stew

This is by request: This recipe was first posted on my previous website a few years ago by me. My mother prepared this recipe a few times when she visited me abroad; she preferred to grate the carrots. The most important thing that she liked was that the meat must have bones to strengthen the…