Nutrient Information on different ingredients

Taro – Magimbi

I do feel very sad these days when I visit home (Dar Es Salaam). Because I have noticed that some of our staple foods are disappearing from the market. I do not see Taro (magimbi) in vegetable and food stands anymore.

Coconut grater – Mbuzi ya nazi

I am sure you are wondering why I am talking about “nazi” in this website. Apparently nazi is a Swahili word for coconut. Mbuzi ya nazi is a Swahili word for coconut grater. The above photo is a coconut grater that I use in my house, I came with from Tanzania. In Tanzania grating coconut…

Easiest way to peel tomatoes

How do you peel your tomatoes? Are you using a Knife? Then you should read this. I have come to realize that a few of my friends and family are peeling tomatoes using a knife. Just in case if there are many people out there who are doing the same thing; here is the easiest…