Personal post

Miriam’s New Website Coming November

New Website starting in November! UPDATE! already active. This Miriam Kinunda (The founder of Taste of Tanzania) personal website. She is sharing her recipes, her books and personal things. This website "Taste of Tanzania (, will continue to be Spice and tea business website only. You can join Miriam at Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with username @miriamKinunda Thank you for being wit her all these years.

I will be back soon

Hi my friends, I have been a little bit busy with a few personal things. I will be back with new post soon.  Mingi Love.

About YouTube Chapati video

I have noticed that I am getting a lot of visits for this youtube video on youtube Channel and some comments are not nice at all. I wrote at the bottom of the video “HOW TO MAKE CHAPATI DOUGH USED ON THIS VIDEO VISIT“; but people are not reading anything, they just rush…

Happy New Year

Many people will be starting 2012 year on the wrong foot, and so many will be starting on the right foot. Many will be crying and many will be smiling. Many are expecting to bring life of new born Angels and many will be leaving us. For those who are happy to start on the…

New Look

I am very happy to have a new look for Taste of Tanzania website. I think this look fits the recipe site. Arrangements of menus and submenus have not changed. Have fun. Miriam Rose.

Glad to be back

I am very happy to be back here after a long leave of 5 months. I was in Tanzania and Kenya for almost six month taking care of family issues. Though I was very busy with family I managed to meet a few friends. I have to say that I miss Tanzania, my lovely family and the food.

New year cards – Kadi za mwaka mpya

This year I will send New year’s Cards to people who sent me their addresses in 2008. If you have moved since, please send me your new address. If I do not have your address and you would like to receive a card from Taste of Tanzania please send me at This year I…