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Featured Post (Interview)

You are welcome to read my first interview, – – – Karibu usome mahojiano yangu ya kwanza


I was on vacation when I had my interview printed on The Citizen News paper (one of the leading newspapers in Tanzania) November 6th 2009. Once I receive my hard copy I will check to see if I can scan it and post as a pdf here on the site. For now, Mr. Freddy Macha one of the well respected writer and musician from Tanzania has the full interview at Then and Now or copy and paste Mr Freddy Macha is a musician with a famous hit Kilimanjaro. Please visit his personal website to learn more about his music and books.

International Stores

Can you tell me where you buy your ethnic food? I would like to have a list of international stores around the world. These are stores that sell ethnic food. Please email me at or add as a comment then I will add the info on the International store page. Thanks.

New year cards – Kadi za mwaka mpya

This year I will send New year’s Cards to people who sent me their addresses in 2008. If you have moved since, please send me your new address. If I do not have your address and you would like to receive a card from Taste of Tanzania please send me at This year I…

Welcome To Taste of Tanzania

Woooo! I am glad to be back after taking a short break. This is a 3rd domain name since I started 2004. And this will be the last change. There is a lot more and good coming to Taste of Tanzania. Welcome