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Miriam’s New Website Coming November

New Website starting in November! UPDATE! already active. This Miriam Kinunda (The founder of Taste of Tanzania) personal website. She is sharing her recipes, her books and personal things. This website "Taste of Tanzania (, will continue to be Spice and tea business website only. You can join Miriam at Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with username @miriamKinunda Thank you for being wit her all these years.

East African Pilau Masala is for everyday cooking

East African pilau masala helps you to cook your rice like a pro, but little is known that pilau masala is not only for pilau rice. You can use your pilau masala for: Biriani: Add paprika, turmeric, coriander and etc. Stews: Taste very nice with chicken, lamb or goat meat. Vegetables: I prefer to add…

Pilau Masala Coming soon

UPDATE On SALE now at Taste of TZ Shop I am very happy to tell you that Taste of Tanzania has been working on a few things. In September 2013 I will introduce you to our first Masala, “Pilau Masala”. Stay tuned. ——————

I need Baobab suppliers from Tanzania

There is a request of baobab suppliers from Tanzania. If you are interested please email What is need is (a)Baobab powder and (b) Sweetened and colored baobab snack You have to be ready to send the sample of Baobab. Prove you have proper certificates that allows you to export such products. Provide the price…

I will be back soon

Hi my friends, I have been a little bit busy with a few personal things. I will be back with new post soon.  Mingi Love.