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Swahili beans – Maharage ya Nazi

These beans will change the way you cook your beans forever. Another simple recipe from Tanzania; please use dried-beans, it is not as nice if you used canned beans. Here is the trick of how to cook and store beans for future recipes: Saturday night, soak 4 cups of dried red or kidney beans over…

Received one of VADE2012 Awards in Tanzania

Many thanks to VODACOM Tanzania for recognizing Taste of Tanzania as one of leaders in Local digital media in Tanzania. I received this for my work of promoting Tanzanian cuisine to the word. I feel honored.

Interview 2 by Chicamod

About YouTube Chapati video

I have noticed that I am getting a lot of visits for this youtube video on youtube Channel and some comments are not nice at all. I wrote at the bottom of the video “HOW TO MAKE CHAPATI DOUGH USED ON THIS VIDEO VISIT“; but people are not reading anything, they just rush…

Coming soon! Cookbook from Taste of Tanzania

UPDATE: Now Available at Amazon USA, and world-wide; Barnes and Noble; Walmart and other online stores. Also do not forget to get Taste of Tanzania Pilau Masala from Amazon USA Mingi love Miriam Rose Kinunda

Happy New Year

Many people will be starting 2012 year on the wrong foot, and so many will be starting on the right foot. Many will be crying and many will be smiling. Many are expecting to bring life of new born Angels and many will be leaving us. For those who are happy to start on the…