Bread, maize, rice, yams and all grain recipes

Tanzanian Chapati

Chapati originated in India but differ a little bit. In Tanzania chapati makes a good breakfast with soup or tea: lunch or dinner with stew and vegetables. The process may look too long, but this is because I want to explain well, once you prepare this recipe for the first time, you will notice it…

Pilau La Noeli

Wakati wa Noeli umeisha, lakini kwa sababu wachache wamependelea nitafsiri mapishi yawe kwa Kiswahili. Nimeona ni vizuri nianze na pishi hili maan ni tamu sana. Na pia unaweza kuliandaa wakati wowote wa sherehe yoyote ile. Sasa, kurahisisha mambo, weka makini haya katika viungo

Christmas Recipes / Mapishi ya Noeli

I have put together a pdf of simple recipes from Tanzania that many people will be preparing this weekend back in Tanzania. Traditionaly Pilau is the number one recipe to think of during the holidays. I wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. Click here to get the pdf. Nimetayarisha mapishi ya Noeli katika pdf. Kwa…


Maandazi (East African donuts) are a special treat. The taste of maandazi is very different from western donuts. First, one can never get tired of eating maandazi. Second, they are more like bread inside. Third, maandazi are not as oily as western donuts.

Plain Pilau

Pilau originates from India. Swahili pilau taste and look very different from the Indian pilau. Tanzanian pilau use more spices than Indian pilau. It has become a favorite Tanzanian rice dish.

Taro – Magimbi

I do feel very sad these days when I visit home (Dar Es Salaam). Because I have noticed that some of our staple foods are disappearing from the market. I do not see Taro (magimbi) in vegetable and food stands anymore.

Taro fries – Chips za magimbi

Taro root is known as magimbi in Swahili; its taste is almost like tropical sweet potatoes. Taro grows in muddy or dry areas. Many countries around the world do eat taro. In East Africa taro is also known as arrow roots. Most of taro roots purchased in USA could be from Hawaii. Some of the…


Ugali is not new to many countries, Italians do eat something almost the same as Ugali known as polenta, which is much softer than ugali, but use course flour. In Angola, Ugali is known as funji, which is much softer than Tanzanian Ugali. West African countries do it ugali using cassava, banana and potato flour…

Coconut Bread

I first posted this recipe 2006 at A few people from Tanzania have asked me about coconut bread. Here again.       2¼ tsp dry yeast ½ cup warm water 1 tsp sugar 3 cups all purpose flour 1 tbsp extra sugar ¾ cups coconut milk 1 tbsp oil (optional) and ¼ tsp…