Miriam Kinunda

Lemongrass Tea – Chai ya Mchaichai

Lemongrass (mchaichai) has citrus flavor with a mild taste of lemon rind. In Tanzania lemongrass is used mostly for tea. Its aroma in tea is fresh and lemony but without that strong lime taste. When I was a kid, I remember we had a few lemongrass bushes and our relative known as Bibi Morris would…

Jackfruit – Fenesi

I love this fruit so much. It is available here in Phoenix at our local international food market, but it is much cheaper to buy canned jackfruit. Canned jackfruit taste almost the same as fresh. The seeds are boiled or roasted and eaten as a snack. If you love chestnuts then you will love jackfruit…

Spices English to Swahili

  Black pepper – pilipili manga Cardamom – iliki Caraway – Kisibiti Cilantro – dania (majani ya giligilani) Cinnamon – Mdalasini Cloves – karafuu Coriander seeds – giligilani /Kitimiri Cumin – binzari ya pilau curry – binzari Ginger – Tangawizi Lemon grass –mchaichai Nutmeg – kungumanga Saffron – zafarani Sweet peppers – pilipili hoho Turmeric…

Swahili beans – Maharage ya Nazi

These beans will change the way you cook your beans forever. Another simple recipe from Tanzania; please use dried-beans, it is not as nice if you used canned beans. Here is the trick of how to cook and store beans for future recipes: Saturday night, soak 4 cups of dried red or kidney beans over…

Interview 2 by Chicamod


Amaranth Greens – Mchicha

You will find amaranth recipes in A Taste of Tanzania cookbook coming soon. Amaranth greens (Mchicha) are one of the most consumed vegetables in Tanzania. Amaranth greens are easy to grow, and also very nutritious. It is sad that this healthy vegetable is just starting to be known in America and Europe. Based on nutritiondata.self.com,…

Starch Halwa

  Coming in A Taste of Tanzania cookbook very soon. Very simple recipe, takes less than 20 minutes to prepare.  

Green bananas and ox tail

I have added ox tail in this recipe to help create natural flavor instead of using bouillon. Please do not use plantain, use regular green bananas.