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Vegetarian Pilau

For unknown reasons I kept saying broccoli instead of cauliflower. I always use broccoli in this recipe, for the first time I decided to use cauliflower and I really got myself confused. Hope you will not take that very serious. I could edit it but I did not want too.

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Vegetarian Pilau

Vegetarian Pilau

Mango Pickle – Achali ya Embe

  2 to 3 large green mangos 1 tsp. whole black pepper 1 tsp. whole cumin seeds 12 whole cardamom seeds 2 tsp. turmeric powder 2 tbsp. chopped habanera peppers 1½ tsp. sea salt 1½ cup water 1?3 cup vegetable or olive oil Instructions Wash the mangos and cut into small, thin pieces. Arrange on…

Fried Yellow split Peas

This is a nice past time snack. Fried yellow split peas is an Indian influence. And this is also an ingredient in chevra (Indian: sold in many stores in Tanzania). Wash 1 cup of yellow split peas   Soak in 3 cups of water for 3 hrs or over night   Then discharge the water…

Chai (Spiced tea)-Chai ya Viungo

To make gourmet chai (spiced Tea) please use 4 cups of whole milk instead of low-fat. 4 cups of milk 1 cup of water 1 tsp. whole black peppercorn 1?2 tsp. or 9 whole cloves 1 long cinnamon stick (about 4 inches) 1 tbsp. whole cardamom pods (opened a bit) 1 tbsp. minced ginger 4…

Mango with Pilipili Masala

Pilipili Masala 4 ripe / almost ripe sweet mangos (For cocktail cubes, use 3-4 raw mangos; they don’t have to be very raw, but not almost ripe. 2 tbsp. hot chili powder 2 tsp. table salt 1 tsp. citric acid or 3 tbsp. lime juice In a wide bowl, mix all ingredients except mango. But…

Pilau Masala Coming soon

UPDATE On SALE now at Taste of TZ Shop I am very happy to tell you that Taste of Tanzania has been working on a few things. In September 2013 I will introduce you to our first Masala, “Pilau Masala”. Stay tuned. ——————

Papaya Juice – Maji ya Papai

  Ingredients 1 1/2 lb. (3/4 kg) papaya 2 – 3 cups water ( Use  only 1 cup of water for a smoothie texture) 1/4 cup white sugar (Optional) You can also use a little bit of honey Peel the papaya and remove all seeds In a blender, blend papaya, water and sugar until smooth.…